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Whole Body Fitness

Since 2006

Get fit. From the inside out.

About us

Whole Body Fitness is a unique gym experience. We're a privately owned and operated personal training studio based in the Central East side of Portland. Fitness and nutrition are key elements of a healthy lifestyle and we believe they go hand in hand. As a client-centered studio, we're committed to understanding the needs, abilities and challenges of each individual and work to empower lifestyle changes that will have lasting impact.

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What people say

I LOVE this place. I don't always feel like going, but when I do, the time flies by and I feel 100% better than when I walk in. Not only are they friendly, but they provide a variety of workouts and it never gets boring. If you're looking for a personal trainer, go to Whole Body Fitness!


I 100% recommend WBF. It is worth the money. Consider it an investment in yourself. The pairing of nutrition and fitness accountability seems to be the secret sauce to the success. They provide you a formula that if you follow, will see results.


Hands down this place is the best! I've never been a gym person and I was skeptical to join. I'm so glad I did. I decided about 1 year and half ago to make some major shifts in my life, and getting myself to a healthy me was my Number 1! I was paired up with Tiffany and I'm so glad that we met. She literally changed my life.


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