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About Us

Whole Body Fitness is a unique gym experience. We're a privately owned and operated personal training studio based in the Central East side of Portland. Fitness and nutrition are key elements of a healthy lifestyle and we believe they go hand in hand. As a client-centered studio, we're committed to understanding the needs, abilities and challenges of each individual and work to empower lifestyle changes that will have lasting impact.


I LOVE this place. I've worked out with Tiffany, Sara, and Bekah. I'd recommend all of them to anyone. I don't always feel like going, but when I do, the time flies by and I feel 100% better than when I walk in. Not only are they friendly, but they provide a variety of workouts and it never gets boring. If you're looking for a personal trainer, go to Whole Body Fitness!

Jihan Al Baqsami

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