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All sessions are 1 hour and can be purchased with payment options. 
* 1/2 sessions available upon request

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*For established clients only*

$136/mo. = 1 free monthly studio session & 8 custom home workouts

$344/mo. = 1 free weekly studio session & 8 custom home workouts

1 Hour Nutrition Guidance Session $80

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6 sessions



Paid in a single installment

12 sessions



Paid in a single installment or two installments of $462.

24 sessions



Paid in a single installment, two installments of $888, or three installments of $592.


Do my sessions ever expire?

Sessions must be used within one year of purchase. Accommodations can be made by contacting

Can sessions be used with any trainer?

Yes! Sessions can be used with any trainer at Whole Body Fitness. In fact, several clients regularly train with multiple trainers. We encourage all clients to take full advantage of every resource Whole Body Fitness has to offer.

Do you have a refund policy for first time clients?

At Whole Body Fitness, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If after your first few sessions you are unsatisfied, please let us know. We are committed to working with each client to resolve the issue and find a solution.

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