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How It Works
Whole Body Fitness is a studio unlike any other. We take pride in the unique experience we have to offer. Let us show you how we do things differently.

It starts with you

Whether you’re sure you’re ready to begin your fitness journey, or you just want to learn more about us, it all starts with you. Contact us, by phone, email, or through our super quick online form. We respond 100% of the time.  


Now let's get


After reaching out to us, we'll setup a free initial consultation where we'll chat about your goals, fitness experience, schedule, personal preferences and anything else you'd like to discuss! At Whole Body Fitness we strive to create a fitness journey that works for you. 


The right trainer

for the job

Every trainer at Whole Body Fitness is well-accredited, and experienced, and we are passionate about finding the ideal match for you. We consider as many factors as possible when selecting your trainer including personal goals, schedule, physical limitations, ‘personality fit’, prior athletic experience, and more.

You can learn more about our trainers here.


Your first day!

You’ve set your goals. You’ve set your schedule. You’ve arrived for your first day and we want you to be as successful as possible. That’s why every pack of sessions includes a (free!) comprehensive 30-minute fitness assessment on your first day. Your trainer will take this time to assess body composition, mobility, range of motion, physical limitations and injuries, and general fitness. After your first day you'll receive...


Your personalized

fitness plan!

There’s a lot that goes into your fitness journey; we try to cover all of it. Each fitness plan at Whole Body Fitness is customized to you, that’s why we take the time to help you define your goals, from nutrition to muscle-building, to weight-loss and flexibility and everything in between. 

Strength Training

Strength Training










Together we'll put in the work. We've got your back through every step, and we'll be checking in along the way. At Whole Body Fitness we are committed to your satisfaction; if there's anything you need, we're here to help.

Welcome to the new you

"We gain energy, confidence and resilience after and because we act, not the other way around."

-Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon,

Precision Nutrition


Do I need to purchase a membership?

Whole Body Fitness does not require the purchase of a membership! 

Instead, clients purchase packs of sessions. Standard sessions are one hour long and can be used with any trainer.

Do I have access to the gym outside of my training sessions?

No. While many clients will work with their trainers to develop routines outside of personal training sessions, access to the gym facilities is limited to sessions times only.

Personal training is expensive. What are my options?

We understand personal training can be expensive. That’s why we offer several packaging options, including installment pricing, to make personal training as accessible and affordable as possible.

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What kind of equipment is available in the facilities?

Whole Body Fitness is equipped with power rackssmith machine, cable machines, TRX, rower, treadmills, elliptical, boxing bag, speed bag, dumbells, kettle bells, towel service, changing spaces, lockers, and more.

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