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Personal Training Studio

Whole Body Fitness is the Personal Training Studio You NEED to Join!

Every person is unique, so it stands to reason that their workouts deserve to be unique as well. Here at Whole Body Fitness, our goal is to give our clients the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. We focus heavily on offering private, personal training and nutrition counseling sessions to make sure that we are properly meeting your specific needs. To benefit from seemingly unlimited fitness potential, head over to the best fitness center in Portland for private personalized workouts, Whole Body Fitness!

Making lifestyle changes and getting into the shape you desire can be a tough task, but our team of reputable and certified trainers can help make it easier for you. We work individually with our clients in private one-on-one training sessions at our personal fitness studio. After discussing your needs in an informal, free consultation, we will match you up with the corresponding physical trainer that best fits your needs, style, and schedule. Our personal training studio is outfitted with everything you and your trainer will need to succeed.

Here at Whole Body Fitness, we understand that success in the gym does not always translate without work in the kitchen. For that reason, we provide certified nutritional guidance to help lead you toward your goals. Fitness enthusiasts know that you the more you succeed in the kitchen the better your personal training results.

If you are ready to embark upon your fitness journey, you are only a contact form away from taking your first step! Head to our website today to browse the different private training and nutrition packages we offer. When you are ready to begin your fitness journey, fill out our free contact form. We respond 100% of the time to contact forms that come our way, so sit tight and we'll get right back to you to  start your fitness journey at the best fitness center in Portland!

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