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Fitness Coach in Portland

Where Can I Find Professional Private Personal Trainers Near Me?

Have you ever walked into a fitness center only to be overwhelmed by what you saw? We understand exactly how you might have felt. The gym can be an intimidating place for newcomers looking to start their fitness journey. The right fitness studio can foster personal, emotional, and physical growth all at once. Here at Whole Body Fitness, we know what it takes to acclimate to a fitness schedule and want to help  set you up for success. If you are looking for a fitness coach in Portland, you have found the right place!

Working with our team at Whole Body Fitness is all about maximizing your personal goals. If I  were looking for private personal trainers near me, I'd want to know that whomever I hired was ready to meet me where I'm at. What does that mean? It means that we go through a comprehensive 30-minute question-and-answer session before setting up your private workout schedule and personal program to ensure that you are working in the right direction for your fitness goals.

After speaking with your fitness coach in Portland during our consultation session, you will be connected with the best fitness trainer at our facility to fit your needs. We make sure to match our accredited coaches with clients based on goals, personality, scheduling, and your own personal preference. When you work with Whole Body Fitness for your private nutrition and training needs, everything we do is geared toward you!

Once you've completed your initial free consultation, you will be able to select the appropriate fitness package for your goals. We offer 6-session, 12-session, and 24-session 1 hour workout packages which can be paid for in installments, as well as 1/2  sessions by request. This approach does not require an extra gym membership as we have a state-of-the-art workout facility of our own!

Simply fill out a contact form to begin your journey toward health and wellness with Whole Body Fitness!

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