workout tunes


Workout tunes can make fitness fun! Have your 2015 fitness plans already lost speed? Are the goals set out at the beginning of the year already becoming distant memories?  Music has been a part of our lives and continues to be a way we pass time, relax, and have fun. Workout tunes – It’s also a great addition to spice up your fitness routine! Run faster, and longer; spin with power legs, and escape to your happy place in your next yoga class.
Some popular tunes downloaded recently have helped clients push themselves that extra little bit. This week try experimenting with some different tunes to pump you up in your next workout! Karen, our kickboxing instructor says, “…it’s so much fun creating a new playlist. I try and imagine what my class won’t expect and keep the flow interesting and surprising!” One of my favorite Playlists, itunes, RockmyRun.