Winter Fitness – Stay Active this Winter

winter fitness

With the cooler winter temperatures you have most likely found it difficult to stick with a winter fitness plan and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Are you finding yourself getting bored on the treadmill at home? With Portland receiving more rainfall these days it is hard to get those 10,000 steps in every day. Well the team at Whole Body Fitness Personal Training have developed a handy Activity Chart to help you burn those calories and increase your activity despite the weather!

Winter & Holiday Activities (calories burned per hour)
Snowshoeing                                  500 kcal
Touch Flag Football                       500 kcal
X-Country Skiing                            445 kcal
Ice Skating                                      450 kcal
Sledding                                          400 kcal
Snow Shoveling                             380 kcal
Splitting Firewood                         385 kcal
Downhill Skiing                              315-375 kcal
Stacking Firewood                         260 kcal
Dancing Low impact                     295 kcal
Putting up XMAS lights                 250 kcal
Snowmobiling                                180 kcal
Cooking and washing dishes       150 kcal
Shopping                                         145 kcal

Join us for our annual Snowshoeing Trip to Trillium Lake, Sunday, January 24th. For more info call 503-234-7253 or click here