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 ppt_blog_main0012015 Fitness Plan

Welcome 2015! As the sun greeted me January 1st, I was struck by the lack of stress I had to hurry up and make a New Years Fitness goal. Why? Because in 2014 with the help of a few coaches, I worked on creating the life I wanted to live a balanced, healthy and happy life. Now, I am not saying that I have accomplished that- not by a long shot. There were weeks I did not get in all of my runs and mileage; there were others when I just felt overwhelmed with scheduling personal training clients and the rest of my life and could not get in my workout in, and there were days that I just felt like I needed to recover!
I finished my last month of December 2014 with a daily practice of gratitude- 31 days of gratitude! That was tough because although with my workouts and habits ingrained and set in stone- this was a new skill. There were moments I excelled and moments I did not hit the mark. Here is where the Balance comes in. Sometimes my personal training clients feel disappointed when they can’t meet there goals or miss a workout. Overall, as long as you are moving towards your goals, actively trying and showing up you are doing fabulous in my book!

Here are a couple things I will be working on this next year in 2015:

1. Have More Fun – I already have some, but I want to work on not taking life too seriously and laughing a little more! Don’t sweat the small stuff unless you are training with me at the studio-then I expect to see some sweat!

2. Don’t be a Stranger– The world is actually a small place- 6 degrees of separation does exist. Be nice to your neighbors (at the office and at home). When you put forth positive energy it comes back to you. Be nice to people, try not to judge and be kind!

3. Dance to your own beat – Stop comparing yourself to others. Take some time this year and get to know yourself. Love yourself in the here and now! Look to the past for lessons and explore new adventures tomorrow.

These are just a few of my resolutions and of course I want you to live a healthier life and embrace your own path to fitness!



Many of my clients are curious to take a peek at how I stock my kitchen.

I hear it and see it every day. Clients talk about it, the internet is overflowing with blogs about it-what am I talking about? Call it a trend or a movement Clean Eating is the way to eat. Forget gluten-free and paleo, the nuts and bolts of a healthy diet is sticking to eating clean. Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities, Michael Pollan and Andrew Weil have all been adhering to this type of diet for a while now.

The Basics: Eat Whole, Organic foods and cut back on packaged and processed foods including refined sugars and carbohydrates and alcohol. “The movement toward clean eating has been gaining momentum as more information becomes available about the ways our food is grown, harvested and shipped. The Obamas even brought back the White House garden after 60 years to educate the public about the role food consumption plays in obesity and diabetes,” according to an article on the movement towards a simpler way to eat. Dr. Andrew Weil attributes optimum health and wellness to clean eating.

Okay so if we all agree that eating clean is not only more nutritious but healthier for the environment, why is it so hard to do? I talk to my nutrition clients all the time about the importance of this. In our Refresh Method, we focus on first getting back to basics and developing a positive relationship with the food you are putting in your body. We start with creating a CLEAN kitchen for our clients. Keeping a kitchen stocked with the right foods will make cooking the right foods easy and enjoyable. I have come up with a few items that clients should always have on hand.

The 10 essentials to always keep in your kitchen.

  1. Great Organic Produce
    Your produce should be the foundation of your clean diet. First comprise a list of your favorite veggies and fruits, stock up on inexpensive leafy greens such as kale and Swiss chard. Root vegetables are great especially as the weather turns colder. They are packed with antioxidants and have a longer shelf life. Keeping onions and herbs on hand are a great staple for soups and can pack a large amount of flavor to any meal without adding pesky calories!
  2. Meats
    Buy great quality meats. I know it is a bit more of a financial strain, but remember, you are moving towards filling up on more veggies and the meat is an accompaniment to the meal, not the star. Remember that portions are key- a 3-4 oz. portion won’t kill your calorie count. Some of my faves are elk, bison and pork tenderloin. For a more economical choice try getting your grass-fed, organic meat at a local farmers market. I love Flying Fish on SE Hawthorne.
  1. Fish
    Living in Portland Oregon, I am blessed to have the bounty of the sea just an hour away. Anytime throughout the year you can open our freezer and see a bounty of salmon and other varieties of fish. I also recommend to my nutrition clients to keep a variety of cold water fish on hand like sardines, herring and halibut. These types of fish typically carry far fewer heavy metals and are a safer option. When buying canned fish I make sure to only buy wild caught and they make a great addition to winter salads and are packed with omega-3’s and protein.
  2. Eggs
    Cage free and preferably from a neighbor! I have had to give up the romantic idea of having my own chickens. Instead I will just have to settle on the ones I get down the street at the farmers market. I love to add eggs to a salad, or just have them hard boiled for a snack.
  3. Whole Grains
    My partner in crime, James Dubberly, is a big believer in incorporating whole grains into our daily diet. We always have quinoa, and brown rice stored on our shelves. I love quinoa for its distinct, nutty flavor and the brown rice is a nice chewy texture to accompany any type of legume and veggie dish. There are so many interesting grains, try experimenting with millet and buckwheat.
  4. Beans and legumes
    Yes beans are the magical fruit. They are packed full of fiber and are such a high volume food, you will feel satiated for hours! High in protein they are ideal for vegetarians and make a great addition to healthy soups. For some of my favorite bean recipes go to my yummy recipes link.
    Just as grains, soaking them before you cook can help make them easier to digest.
  5. Measuring Cups
    Okay this is a tool for your food not an actual food. I make sure to keep them within arm’s reach for when I am plating. Having a clean pantry and fridge stocked with nutritious foods is part of the equation. For most of my clients they are also concerned with fitting their nutritional needs within a caloric window, and we all agree that eating too many whole foods = too many calories.
  6. Oils
    Fats and oils have gotten a bad rap, thanks to the low-fat craze of the 1980’s. It is important from a health perspective that we get a little of the healthy oils into our daily diet. Look for expeller and cold pressed oils. In general use higher temp oils sparingly. Avoid soybean, canola and other oils high in polyunsaturated fats.
  7. Salt & Seasonings
    Season, season, and season. A myth is that clean eating has to be bland in flavor. That is simply not true. Just because our food is not cooked in oils and butters doesn’t mean it can’t taste good. On a recent trip to Hawaii I came across a shop that makes their own spice blends. One of my favorites is a coconut, sesame based salt. Salt is crucial for our bodies to properly function. From a cellular level, we need a balance of salt in our diets to help maintain health. High sodium is less of a problem when you begin to eat more clean because you omit all of the highly processed foods.
  8. Condiments
    Having the right sauce can take a dish from good to amazing. But it can also take a healthy, low calorie meal to a high calorie option. I like to add horseradish and mustards rather than mayonnaise based sauces. Also Braggs Liquid Amino acids is a great addition to my rice and bean dishes. To add a kick to a hearty soup I usually add a dash of balsamic vinegar.