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Summer is almost over and school is starting. This summer was amazing and if you were like me, I took full advantage of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer: many outdoor camping trips, running outside a lot (training for a marathon takes a lot of time), getting out on the water with my SUP and probably a few too many mojitos! But your weightloss goal never really happened.

A few weeks back I mentioned to our Facebook Community that we were going to do a Fall Back into Health & Fitness Challenge! Throughout the summer many of our clients at Whole Body Fitness were facing a few challenges: 1) how to stay consistent with their exercise programs and 2) how to stay in their caloric window and eating enough fiber. The most important meal of the day is the first one, we call this Breakfast and over 60% of Americans skip it! So with fall right around the corner, I challenge you to our 30 day Fall Back into Health & Fitness Challenge.

What Is the Fall Back into Health & Fitness Challenge?
For 30 days of September you will commit to the following key things that will jumpstart your fitness journey before winter arrives.
– Eat Breakfast: Some of you are new to this but everyone can smoothie! You can make it however you like, add more greens like spinach and kale, throw a half banana in, and add some protein powder for sustenance.
WBF Dessert for Breakfast Smoothie Recipe:
1 cup almond or coconut milk
½ banana
1 scoop of your favorite protein powder
6-7 frozen strawberries
Blend in Blender until fully incorporated. Try experimenting with different flavors and combinations to keep it fresh!

So back to How to get back at it. Vacation Time is Over, and while you were visiting family and seeing the world it was hard not to fully experience it without eating, drinking and relaxing…..and then eating some more. Well, after all those months relaxing and enjoying the summer it is time to face the facts. Often after a week’s vacation we wake up Monday and can often feel sluggish, bloated and achey. I have 5 tips I offer my clients to get back into the swing of things and Get Back on Track!

STEP ONE: Freshen up and Focus
Don’t beat yourself up because you enjoyed the Virgin Islands and those yummy pina coladas; today is a new day and we will just start again! Just like when we are toddlers learning to walk and we fall, we don’t just lie there we get right back up and walk! Draw a line in the sand, the vacation stops here, your vacay is over and it is time to get your nutrition back on track. When my clients are serious about their Fitness Goals then the vacation is the exception not the rule. Get focused and simply get back at it. Start your food journal today!

STEP TWO: Stay Hydrated
Planes, trains and automobiles are how we travel and often times can lead to long periods of sitting and waiting and dehydration. Making sure you stay hydrated would be the best thing (I love my cute fancy Swell Bottle). One way to instantly feel awake is to get hydrated. The first few days back home the top priority should be to drink plenty of water. (I would say fluids but you may still want to be back at the beach sipping a margarita). Here are my tips on how to get hydrated again:
-Start with a glass of water in the morning right after you get up.
-Go Spa Style and add some pazazz to your bottle, try some cucumber, mint or lemon to help quench your thirst.
-Don’t add stimulants to your water go au natural!

STEP THREE: Refresh and Cleanse
Cleansing is sometimes a great way to mentally get back on track. I recommend my clients do this only for a few days. Be very picky about what you eat. Try sticking to whole grains, real foods (foods that you can immediately id not processed foods), and lean meats. Often simple is refreshing at this stage after a week of eating out for every meal. Stay away from packaged foods and only snack on fruits and veggies. This will help to restore your system and help to block out those sweet cravings. Most of my clients voluntarily do the next one. Stay away from alcohol- after your week in cabo you may need to convincing.
My Pinterest Page has many fabulous recipes that are easy and clean!

What?! Isn’t that what vacations are for? Actually most of us while on summer break or a vacation will tend to pack it all in, do it all and that doesn’t make for a very relaxing vacation. I often try to get a balance. Sleeping in is a good start while on vacation and then try to have active and relaxing days. Most of us come home from our vacations exhausted and a great way to ease back in is to give yourself one less day and take your last day of vacay back in your own home just chillin! Make catching up on sleep a priority and ease back into your daily grind. When are bodies stay in a adrenalized state from major activity and lack of sleep it is easy to make poor choices: going out to eat and skipping that workout because you have so much work to get back to. Try bringing back some insights from your vacay and make balance and fun part of your daily life!

STEP FIVE: Hit the Gym and Move your Body
A body in motion stays in motion. Let’s get back to your fitness routine and sweat out the indulgences of the summer. When you get back at it from a break, ease into it. You may be tempted to put it off for the first week ; telling yourself that you have a lot to catch up on at work, ect. But that is a slippery slope. I typically begin my clients first session at about 70% of what we were doing before. The intensity can be built up in that first week back so that by their 2nd week we are in it to win it! Don’t push yourself, the goals now is to get back into consistency. I take extra time to warm up and cool down with clients coming back from the summer! Our 30 minute sessions are a great way to ease back into exercise and make fitness a priority.

workout tunes


Workout tunes can make fitness fun! Have your 2015 fitness plans already lost speed? Are the goals set out at the beginning of the year already becoming distant memories?  Music has been a part of our lives and continues to be a way we pass time, relax, and have fun. Workout tunes – It’s also a great addition to spice up your fitness routine! Run faster, and longer; spin with power legs, and escape to your happy place in your next yoga class.
Some popular tunes downloaded recently have helped clients push themselves that extra little bit. This week try experimenting with some different tunes to pump you up in your next workout! Karen, our kickboxing instructor says, “…it’s so much fun creating a new playlist. I try and imagine what my class won’t expect and keep the flow interesting and surprising!” One of my favorite Playlists, itunes, RockmyRun.


High Intensity Interval Training and Rest equal a strong immune system. Find out how you can boost your immune system during your next workout. Our Immune System & Exercise: Can long workouts actually harm you?

As I unfortunately found out this week, yes my long stretch of no sickness has ended, and I was graced with a lovely nor’easter cold. And although it can be quite challenging for me to rest and recover, I know that if I do take a week off, I will not only come back better but stronger!

Recently some scientists found that HIT training, high intensity-short duration workouts, can be better for your immune system than long exercise programs. Find the published study here in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

The study found that prolonged, moderate-intensity exercise, but not short-lasting high or short-lasting moderate-intensity exercise, decreases the induction of in-vivo immunity. Scientists and researchers used this method that relies on the antigen diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP), which can trigger the body’s immune response when administered through a patch on the lower back. With the DPCP patches, scientists were able to go back four weeks after they applied the patch and, by administering more DPCP, measure redness and skin thickening.

The test: One runner doing 30 minutes of moderate running on a treadmill, one doing 30 minutes of intense running (80 percent of peak oxygen uptake) on a treadmill, another doing 120 minutes of moderate running, and the last group not exercising at all.

Researches noticed that those runners doing intense running for 30 minutes did not have any affect on their immune response. However, after the group ran for 2 hours at a moderate pace their immunity lowered. Often this can be from the fact that during prolonged activity such as a marathon, the blood stress hormones like cortisol increase. This can temporarily inhibit immune function. This is why I encourage my runners to rest a few days after a big event.

2011 study by David Nieman, director of the health and exercise department at Appalachian State University, discovered that those who exercise 5 or more days a week are 43 percent less likely to catch an upper respiratory tract infection than people who exercise once a week or not at all.

And don’t forget to fuel. Yes frequent shorter workouts are a better choice than longer workouts as far as a immune system is concerned but those training for marathons need to remember to eat their carbs! Complex carbohydrates supply a quick accessible energy source to your body and do not deplete your energy when exercising loner that 1 ½ hours