surviving the holiday season


This past fall has been a challenge, between remodeling a house, a busy client load and not being able to run much thanks to a case of extensor tendonitis in my right foot, my fitness goals have taken a back seat and have left me feeling a little less than satisfied. Combine this with the holidays and you may have a recipe for disaster.
This was what I was feeling as the weekend followed Thanksgiving, however Monday came and I knew that this was not beneficial or helpful thinking going forward into the 2015 Holiday season. I am going to step outside myself and be a wellness coach for myself! What would I tell a personal training client? Sure, the Holiday Season can throw a monkey wrench in our fitness plans, with the season of excess it is easy to get off track and derail the best intentions.
Why wait until the New Year? Begin making healthy, positive changes Dec 1st! Give yourself a healthy start this holiday season and here are some of my best tips for ending this year on an upswing and positive note:

An easy way to get out of a head funk and elevate your mood is to get outside in the sunny weather and go on a 30-60 minute walk. A personal training client began her walkable mission this past weekend during the Thanksgiving break and walked an average 5 miles a day! Do this mid day to beat the holiday hum-drums, or after a large meal, before a social engagement or any other time you can squeeze it in. It is a great way to stay active during the holidays and connect with nature, friends and family!

Start an Intention Wall. I usually wait until Dec 31st to do this but this year I am doing things differently. Beginning Dec 1st (tomorrow) our family will begin our Wall of Intentions for 2016. Using post-it’s we take turns writing down our intentions/ goals for the coming year. Reflecting on these allow us to plan, execute and follow goals into the new year.

You can eliminate the holiday blues, stave off the dreaded 5 pound holiday weight gain and change your views this Holiday season just with a little re-direction and positive thinking. Most of our clients this time of year appreciate knowing that we our hear for them along the way and see their personal training session as a positive impact to their journey into the new year!