Tis the season! It looks like we may just get some snow this year that will stick around long enough for us to go play in the great outdoors. Last year, our family took on a new activity, or at least attempted to although Mother Nature had different plans. We bought our first pair of snowshoes. I was enamoured with the idea of strapping on vintage tennis-racket type shoes and treading through the beautiful white peaks and valley of Mt Hood. But wait, put on the brakes-not only was my romanticized dream just that, snowshoes are technically savvy and gear in and of themselves; but there was NO SNOW!!!! This year will be different- we will be spending the week of Christmas in the beautiful Cascades in NE Washington where snow is a plenty and we can get an awesome outdoor workout with our technically savvy snowshoes.

While I am recovering from a small, yet annoying injury and my running mileage is forced to microscopic numbers, snowshoeing can help keep me in shape. Snowshoeing also burns TWICE as many calories as an easy weekday run- putting those¬†glutes into action. Snowshoeing is winter’s version of trail running. According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, you can easily burn twice as many calories at the same pace. You have to work harder, lift your legs higher and keep your body warm.
Did you know it can also work your abs? While snowshoeing you have a built in ab-blaster! By having to shift your body weight back and forth plus the added weight of the snowshoes, you work your entire rectus abdominal plus your transverse abs and obliques.
If you can walk- you can snowshoe. It does not have to be technically difficult. If you want even more of a challenge cut your own tracks and burn even more calories!!!

No matter what the conditions are outside your door, it can be fun and exciting to mix it up and take it to the slopes. See you in the snow!

My Problem: Getting up to the snow during the weekdays!