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our team

james dubberly
James Dubberly
- Owner & Inspirational Inciter

James holds a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics with a minor in Exercise Physiology. While attending Bastyr University, he focused on Holistic Healing through Nutrition-a more whole foods and natural & balanced approach to diet. He interned at the school's clinic providing Nutrition Counseling and giving patients the tools for a healthier lifestyle.
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Tammie Dubberly
- Owner & Choreographer of Community Relations

Tammie is the designer behind the scenes. She is not only a head trainer, she also heads up the marketing/advertising and administrative departments. Her strengths include creating customized programs for clients drawing on their inner strength and helping them overcome their mountains to achieve their goals.
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ryan berg
Ryan Berg - Head Boxing Coach

Ryan has been trained in the Olympic style. He is well known for his compassionate right hook and enjoys teaching people of all skills and levels the art of boxing while inspiring confidence.
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Juniper Black Juniper Black - Personal Trainer

Being involved in the fitness industry as well as the martial arts training communities for the last 16 years has allowed Juniper to experience a wide range of training styles.
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Anna Murphy-Moore - Yoga Instructor

Anna loves movement! Whether it is doing yoga, dancing, biking, swinging on swings in the park, Anna is most content when she feels present in her body. It is her mission to spread this enjoyment of movement to all of her students. She emphasizes the importance of learning to balance effort and relaxation.
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Whidbey & Chloe- Ambassadors of Goodwill
With extensive experience providing unconditional support, Whidbey and Chloe strive to make each client feel unique. In their free time these dogs love to hike, canoe, and go for walks. Practicing what Whole Body Fitness prieaches: they often walk 4 miles each day in their commute. Read more about Whidbey and Chloe....