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Portland Nutrition Counseling

We want to educate you about the science of nutrition and help you understand the Key Principles you need to make life long healthy choices. In addition, learning to eat the right foods can boost your creativity and mental clarity. After all, we’re only as productive as our bodies and brains will allow us to be. At Whole Body Fitness we will design a comprehensive nutrition plan that is unique to you. Your Nutrition Education will focus on the following key areas:

Understanding Your Metabolism, cracking the code
Your Personal Caloric Window: Learn how to calculate your energy expenditure and your ideal energy intake. Learn what a calorie is!
Determine your metabolic set point, this is based on how much lean body mass you have. We will touch on ways to help increase this set point through exercise.
Understand the difference between carbohydrates, fats and proteins and how they are used during rest and activity.

Sports Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle
Sports Nutrition & Performance Enhancement: Learn how to create an effective nutrition and exercise plan for your active lifestyle.
Learn how to eat for optimal athletic recovery (running, cycling, and endurance sports)
Learn how to avoid “hitting the wall or ‘bonking’.”
Discover foods that promote optimal brain function and performance.

Nutrition for the Workplace
Menu Planning 101: Create practical and easy strategies for healthy options at work and in your busy life. Planning is the first step to success.
Maintain healthy nutrition while traveling.
How to eat healthily through the holidays and company meetings.
Create a system for Monday thru Friday