Tiffany F.

Tiffany’s Training Philosophy:
I strive to meet people where they are. Together, we will identify goals and work to establish potential changes in lifestyle that will have a lasting impact. In a format designed to maximize time and effort, my clients will learn both proper form and technique.

I am a lifelong athlete and mother of four and understand the challenges of implementing a healthy lifestyle within a full schedule. I’ll use my experience to optimize your work and help you recognize that through a commitment to fitness and health you will find a strength that will translate into other areas of life.

What Clients Say About Her:

“Tiffany’s willingness to work with me, continuing to push me while supporting and understanding my limitations means a lot to me.” – Elena B.

“You helped me see my own capabilities when I couldn’t. I went from walking down the block to running my first ever 5k! Thank you for the support and positive coaching during what was, at times, a really difficult process. You helped me persevere and I’m stronger for it!” – Michelle A.

Strengths: Positivity. Efficiency. Simplicity.

Style: Constructive. Straight Forward. Uncomplicated.

People I work with: Anyone with a desire to try. Beginners. Time constrained individuals. Parents who want to keep up with their kids. Recreational athletes.

Education and Certifications:
-Certified Personal Trainer, ACE
-CPR and AED Certified
-NFHS Coaching Certification
-Portland State University – Community Health

Athletic Experience:
-Endurance Runner – completed 10+ marathons, including Boston (2) and New York. Competed in many half marathons,10k & 5k’s with top female finishes or age group awards.
-Track & Field- 800 meters and the Master’s Mile.
-Middle School Cross Country and Track Coach.