James Dubberly

James’ Training Philosophy:
As the best Portland nutritionist, James holistically combines fitness and nutrition into your program. Everyone has a common goal- to be the best they can be. Focusing on what is outstanding about you and where you are right now and what you want to accomplish.

James founded Whole Body Fitness Personal Training in 2006 out of a desire to help his clients increase their quality of life. His expert skills and qualifications are the best in the Portland Metro area. Focusing on your fitness level and addressing the other part of your health equation: Nutrition. The creator of Weight Solutions, a weight loss program designed to keep weight off, stay in shape and live the life you have always wanted to live. As a client of James, you will have lasting success because his personal training methods are all-encompassing. A problem solver and body technician,  James supports his clients on the transition into a healthier lifestyle. Taking a holistic approach in his training and nutrition counseling ensures that his clients understand the balance between diet and lifestyle.
His training method begins with assessing a client’s starting point through a series of postural assessments; identifying imbalances and providing a solution to their individual training goals. Click here to find out more about Portland’s best nutrition program.

How James has helped clients:
“Working with James has changed my whole health routine, for the better. Experience with techniques and mechanics, setting and meeting goals, being mindful of nutrition–this studio has the tools and experience to help anyone get where they want to be. A+
-Jon Ragel , LMT

Strengths: Nutrition Counseling, Weight Loss, Corrective Rehab, Amazing Program Design, Strength Building, ect.

Style: Supportive, Problem-Solver, and Body Technician

People I work with: Active Baby-Boomers, GenX’ers, Foodies looking for accountability, Newbies, Non-Gym goers etc…

Education and Certifications:
– Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Bastyr University
– Degree in Exercise Science
– Graduate of Coopers Aerobics Research Institute
– Certified Health & Fitness Specialist, ACSM
– Certified Nutritionist, NESTA
– CPR and AED Certified

Professional Experience:
– Founder of Whole Body Fitness Personal Training Studio, 2006
– Fitness Director at Oakway Fitness in Eugene Oregon, 2001-2006
– Wellness Director for U.S. Coast Guard
– Fitness Specialist since 2001
– Published author of ‘The Real Skinny’

James Dubberly has been a prominent leader in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 30 years. Founder of Whole Body Fitness Personal Training and the highly successful nutrition program, Weight Solutions, he has helped thousands through his no nonsense approach to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition plan.
As Team Leader at Whole Body Fitness, James carefully oversees the WBF team and helps orchestrate the best approach to achieve a client’s optimum level of fitness. Through an initial consultation and assessment, James will place you with one of our highly qualified personal trainers.
*James Dubberly personal training sessions start at $85/ session
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