Leila P.

Leila’s Training Philosophy:
I believe that optimum fitness comes from an individual’s ability to take small steps. When a client focuses on incorporating small lifestyle changes one at a time, lifestyle change sticks. In our monthly goal setting session we will determine how to develop lifelong changes that will last the rest of your life.

With a background in mental health, Leila focuses on an all encompassing approach to health and fitness. She works with clients to understand the factors that might be preventing them from reaching their goals and uncovering the reasons behind their inactivity. Due to fairly sedentary childhood, Leila found her passion for fitness later on – giving her an edge in understanding just how much it takes to turn your life around through health and fitness. Leila draws from a variety of exercise styles to create a dynamic program specific for achieving your goals. She provides guidance into new territories of fitness and optimum wellness.

What Clients Have to Say:
Leila is a true rock star trainer.  She is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met.  I am making huge strides, not just physically, but also emotionally.  The part of me that was afraid of exercise, or the part that told me “you can’t do it,” is becoming quieter and the strong and confident me is coming out more and more. I feel like a badass strong woman after every training session! She makes me realize that I CAN do what I thought I couldn’t.  She is funny and I always leave our sessions feeling better than I did when I came in that day.  I feel very lucky to have been paired with Leila, she is a real powerhouse.”
Heather, Portland

Strengths: Balance and Alignment, Sports Conditioning, Weight-loss, Mature Clientele,

Style: High Energy, Kick Your Ass (but in a nurturing-supportive way!), Good Listener

People I work with: Humanitarians, Philanthropist, Balance-challenged, Pregnant Mommas-to-be

Education and Certifications:
– Personal Trainer, ACE
– Body Arts and Sciences International Pilates Teacher Trainee
– Bachelor of Science Psychology, Univ. of Oregon
– American Heart Association CPR and AED Certified