Our Portland Fitness Studio allows us to give you our full attention and you will not only get the support & guidance you need, train with us, and you’ll never have to fight crowds or wait for a machine. Our 3000 square foot Personal Training Studio has plenty of space and all the equipment that you’d find at a chain gym. Best of all, when you are here there are no distractions. It is just you and your trainer focused entirely on meeting your fitness goals.

WBF clients have access to:
• Full Fitness Goal Assessment
• Body Analysis & Composition Testing
• Unique Program Design
• Group Exercise Classes, extra fees apply
• State of the Art Equipment
• Nutritional Counseling

Having your own personal trainer overseeing your transformation is the key to success. Without this type of customized attention, the majority of people rarely reach their goals. Our clients achieve life-changing results through working with our knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers.

When we created our personal training studio in Portland, Oregon we paid close attention to detail. We have worked hard to create an environment that is motivating, uplifting, private and welcoming. If you enjoy the atmosphere where you work out, you’ll want to be here– we know that consistency is the key to results. And once you’re here – we take care of everything else!