about-us-page-wbfMeasurements: The key to any test. We use measurements in science all the time. We measure our food, measure our work performance and we our successes. It is the key to attaining your goals. Progress, how do you evaluate it? We evaluate progress through measurements.
We start out by finding out a client’s baseline: What their posture is like, a movement screening test, their beginning measurements and body composition. Using these quantifiable stats we then together create goals. By using a measured approach to personal training we can evaluate your real progress. Personal Trainer Tammie Dubberly lets you in on her techniques for measuring progress and setting real attainable goals in your health and fitness program.

Beginning measurements are critical in setting up a framework for any exercise plan. These measurements will help define goals and act as tools to evaluate your progress throughout your workout program. Through a functional movement screening, I evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and any body imbalances you may have. These will serve as a guide and help me plan a proper, unique fitness program tailored to an individuals needs and goals.
When setting goals I encourage my clients to stay realistic. This will help make sure that the goals we set are reachable and practical for their particular lifestyle. Setting goals will further help create a program where we can periodically check back and measure your progress whether it be endurance or strength based.
I also practice what I preach. I set goals for myself regarding my own workouts and athletic performance. I have kept a food journal accessible to clients; set specific 100m sprinting goals and aimed for max pushups in a 2 minute period. These have not only helped me improve but have also helped my clients stay accountable to their goals!

Tammie’s Training Philosophy:
As a Personal Trainer and Running Coach, I believe each person is on their own unique journey to maximum health and my intention is to guide you on that journey in such a way that is supportive and specific to your individual needs. My goal is to help you create X which will help you become Y and Z.

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