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Join Us and your fellow fitness pals in our Spring/Summer FIT STRIDESTM Running Program.
Whether you have just started running and your goal is a 5K or you are at a stand still and want to try for your first 1/2 Marathon, let WBF help you train efficiently and accomplish your Running goals this year!

Starting on June 4th, we will work with a group of new runners (including you) for 20 weeks to get you ready to cross the finish line. We will be ending our training series with an amazing race Oct. 28th, The Columbia Gorge Half and Full Marathon. For those 5K/10K participants we will be runnng the Pints to Pasta Run on Sept. 9th. Sign-up for our next half and full marathon training group are now online.

Our FIT STRIDESTM Running Programs

Couch to 5K/10K:

A Whole Body, 20-week program that includes a personalized weekly program. Weekly track, interval workouts will focus on running techniques to make you more effecient and This program is designed for those of you who are curious about running or want to improve your running to a level where you can comfortably complete up to a 10K (6.2 mile) race. See Schedule

Half Marathon:

Similar to the other 20-week programs, this personalized training program is geared to your goal race pace. Daily workouts consist of easy/base runs, tempo runs and endurance runs. You’ll do a long run once per week with your pace group, lead by a trained Pace Leader. This is a fun way to break through that barrier as you train for your 1/2! See Schedule


A personalized, 20-week program with speed endurance training at race pace. Your weekly mileage will ease you into becoming a long distance runner. Your training program will focus on intervals, tempo runs and mile repeats at your race pace as well as recovery runs. The track workouts prepare you for the long road ahead by making it easy to run race pace consistently. See Schedule

Call Us at 503-234-7253 to Sign Up and start training! We are also happy to design individual training programs to meet your specific goals!