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End Times Experience
This 6 week course features weekly disaster scenarios. Do you have enough upper body strength to pull yourself out of rubble? Or could you drag your loved one to safety? If zombies attack, can you wield a chainsaw? Because chainsaws are heavy.
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TRX Suspension Training
 All core, all the time!  Suspension training® gives you an edge over conventional strength training. Every exercise builds functional strength and improves flexibility, balance, and core stability.
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Box 2B Fit
This Boxing Course is for those who want to learn the proper form and techniques of boxing and get a fantastic cardio, metabolism-boosting workout. You will begin with perfecting basic skills and move into more core and balancing workouts-encompassing a "Traditional Boxing Workout!"

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Glute Camp
Slide and lift your way to a brand new body! Combining Gliding with resistance training to give you the ultimate total body workout with an emphasis on the lower body. With this highly effective program you'll sculpt and tone where it counts!
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