Corrective Rehab focusing on better posture, less fatigue and muscle symmetry

Corrective Rehab is often times the first step to getting you back to your ideal fitness level after a running injury or accident. You may not realize that your work environment, desk or a general lack of activity as we age can be attributing to your pain. You may have seen a Physical therapist who now recommends that you take the next step in reaching a more balanced kinesthetic awareness. At our studio we specialize in movement modification and physical rehabilitation.
Through our Corrective Rehab focus we can get you feeling better, work on postural assessments and strengthening. Major areas of focus can include, shoulders, back, hip and neck.

We will focus on exercise progressions and specific corrective rehabilitation techniques. We will work with you and safely transition you back to your regular fitness program and lifestyle. You will learn how to avoid further injury during phases of tissue healing.

Whole Body Fitness goes beyond personal training and focuses on corrective rehab for many types of people. Running injuries, Low-back pain, Muscle imbalances are just a few of the areas that we focus on. We will work closely with your physical therapist and work on transitioning you back into a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

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