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wellness at work

WBF has given hundreds of corporate wellness presentations to groups ranging from large to small companies. Learn about the many myths and misconceptions in fitness and learn how to integrate a science based approach to fitness in your life.
Popular Presentation Topics Include:

The Value of Proper Strength Training
Myth and Misconceptions in Exercise and Fitness
Nutrtition 101, Calories In vs. Out
The benefits of Activity, yes you are burning calories!

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"Our company implemented a Corporate Wellness program over a year ago. Whole Body Fitness made nutrition and fitness fun, enlightening and accessible to everyone.  I’ve never seen such a positive reaction to a program.  Teammates now feel empowered and have the tools to take control of their bodies and reach their nutrition and fitness goals.  We are thrilled with Whole Body Fitness’ expertise and professionalism and look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future."
-Jennifer Yilmaz
Corporate Responsibility Committee
Columbia Distributing
Portland, Oregon

Whole Body Fitness is committed to creating a culture of health in the workplace. Our Wellness at Work TM program offers many benefits to your company's employees; including an increase in energy, an enhanced degree of mental alertness, a more positive self-image, a favorable means for dealing with stress and an improved level of personal productivity.

Research indicates that up to 40% of employees have at least three risk factors, greatly influencing their possibility for disease. As published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, factors such as smoking, stress, being overweight and a lack of regular exercise can account for 25% of employee health care costs.