HILLS: ITS WHAT’S FOR LUNCH (& FAT LOSS) This season run faster! Occasionally, I too am a sucker for technology. Whether it be the Jawbone UP3, your Garmin Forerunner, or the latest MyFitnessPal app to track calories, we all need a little accountability and a fun new toy from time to time. The majority of the […]

 WORKOUT TUNES MAKE FITNESS FUN Workout tunes can make fitness fun! Have your 2015 fitness plans already lost speed? Are the goals set out at the beginning of the year already becoming distant memories?  Music has been a part of our lives and continues to be a way we pass time, relax, and have fun. Workout […]

High Intensity Interval Training and Rest equal a strong immune system. Find out how you can boost your immune system during your next workout. Our Immune System & Exercise: Can long workouts actually harm you? As I unfortunately found out this week, yes my long stretch of no sickness has ended, and I was graced with […]