You have been training hard, using your foam roller and getting plenty of sleep. Physically you are ready for Race Day. I start getting a bit anxious the week prior to a big race. What to wear? How much to carbo-load? What will my Pre-Race Meal Plan be? What I am going to eat those hours before […]

How you can beat exercise burnout. Did you start the new year with great intentions? Putting your workouts in your google calendar, buying new gear and setting your alarm earlier? But then life happened? And after a couple months you have found yourself getting burned out and skipping workouts and substituting happy hour for your healthy hour? […]

Do you have to do cardio? Or is resistance/weight training enough? As a personal trainer at Whole Body Fitness in Portland Oregon, James Dubberly addresses these questions in consultations and training sessions all the time. The answer, yes and no. Cardio or aerobic activity and Resistance Training aka anaerobic  activity, should be seen as a […]

In my career the hot topic these days is running form. When a client comes to me I first begin with the most important thing affecting running form- their posture. Without good posture muscle imbalances can occur, the wrong position of the spine and hips result in not taking advantage of the storage/release capacity of […]