What 100+ women taught me in the woods. WARNING: This post is rather long and a bit personal. This past week I have been MIA because I was rendeavousing with some amazing birds (and bro-birds). And by birds I mean some very impressive, talented, wonderful women that all have the same love of this sport […]

Active or Passive Rest?

Active or Passive Rest? Which is best for your next workout. What should you do between those exercises in your next workout? Stand around and talk about the latest gossip? Actively rest? Take a sit down break? If you have ever wondered what does “active rest” actually mean, I am here to finally clarify that term. Active […]

Exercising in the Heat

What’s the Hot Topic this week? The Heat Wave! It can often be a challenge when the temps go above 90 degrees to stay active and exercise. The heat can creep up on us or zap our motivation midday. Here are a few ways to keep on track and reach your goals despite the HEAT. […]

Yes we can! Girls can lift too! We deserve to be strong and self-sufficient. Some of us even don’t mind a bit of sweating while we work. But often the gym ‘experience’ can be an intimidating, and unappealing atmosphere and we don’t want to “walk the catwalk” as we go to grab our 10# weights. […]