I am going to begin this post by stating the obvious: the harder we exercise, the more oxygen our body needs to perform a particular task. Most of us our solely focused on properly lifting the weights or staying on the treadmill while at the gym. We have not even considered that our breathing may […]

  Sleep, it is the best medicine and can help you make some major gains in the health department. You may not be competing on the level of Lauren Fleshman or Beckham, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same benefits from some of their training strategies. One of the keys for athletes staying […]

It’s not always about Losing Weight But gaining CONFIDENCE!… With Fall upon us, the consultations coming into the studio have been picking up. One thing I noticed the other day after having met a couple people searching for the perfect place to help them in their journey to getting fit, was that it’s not always […]

Yes, I can’t believe it either, summer is pretty much over, vacations are well documented on social media, it’s darker in the mornings and the kids are back in school. Although those can often look as dark clouds rolling into your daily life – there is a silver lining. With the kids back in school […]