This past fall has been a challenge, between remodeling a house, a busy client load and not being able to run much thanks to a case of extensor tendonitis in my right foot, my fitness goals have taken a back seat and have left me feeling a little less than satisfied. Combine this with […]

  How to Stick to your Holiday Fitness goals throughout the fall and winter As the days get shorter and it gets a bit colder outside, most of us tend to shift our focus from outside activities and exercise to the good ol’ indoors. But often, this can lead to a feeling of dread, and […]

So what is Sports Nutrition all about? I remember the days of long ago when we would all go out for a big spaghetti dinner the night before a road race. Did it help us? Probably not. Did we think it helped us? Absolutely. Was it tasty? You betcha! But what is more important is […]

As the temperature drops and our kids get busier with school activities, it becomes more important to prep our immune system and boost our immune system health, to combat the common cold and other invaders. One of the best ways to do that is to increase the amount of Vitamin C we ingest. We have […]