Summer is almost over and school is starting. This summer was amazing and if you were like me, I took full advantage of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer: many outdoor camping trips, running outside a lot (training for a marathon takes a lot of time), getting out on the water with my SUP […]

At some point in our lives we may be faced with the need for some type of corrective exercise, a workout program or a series of corrective exercises that help to get us back to a proper form of moving. The goal of corrective exercises re-trains the joints and muscles to form neuromuscular pathways to […]

Measurements: The key to any test. We use measurements in science all the time. We measure our food, measure our work performance and we our successes. It is the key to attaining your goals. Progress, how do you evaluate it? We evaluate progress through measurements. We start out by finding out a client’s baseline: What […]

Tis the season! It looks like we may just get some snow this year that will stick around long enough for us to go play in the great outdoors. Last year, our family took on a new activity, or at least attempted to although Mother Nature had different plans. We bought our first pair of […]