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1408 East Burnside St.
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About whole body fitness

We differentiate ourselves from "the other gyms" in the fact that we operate from a ‘quality of experience’ focus versus a pure volume model like most large clubs.
There are a lot of people out there who pay for a gym membership but never actually use it. We actually want you to use our facility! And that's a critical aspect of a gym membership - you actually have to use it to get results!

You can count on the same level of attention from us that we give all of our clients. It's exactly this type of accountability that most people need to help them stick to a program and get great results! Because we don't have 8000 plus members to manage like many big gyms, we can better take care of our clients. We pride ourselves on our attention to details and the service and value we offer the people who have trusted their health and fitness to us. 

We guarantee results:
Our primary focus is to ensure our clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Let's face it, you have taken the biggest most crucial step to acheiving a better life- you decided that being healthy was important. We operate from a belief that everyone should have a trainer – even for as little as once per month. Having your own personal coach overseeing your program and progress is the key to success. Without this type of customized attention, the majority of people never achieve their goals. Our clients achieve life-changing results. Click here to see some of our Client's successes. This is what it’s all about for us. Nothing brings us more joy than to know that we have positively impacted someone’s life. 

Personalized attention & creative and fun workouts:
We want you to know that your sessions are all about you. Every fitness program is different- one size does not fit all! Depending on your goals, physical fitness level, interests, and your individual muscular imbalances, your trainer will design a custom-fit program perfect for you. Best of all – we make it fun. With us, it’s more than just a workout – it’s a lifestyle! 

Our personal trainers are top-of-the-line:
As a team of fitness professionals, we take our role seriously. We have detailed systems in place to ensure we do an exceptional job with every single client. We study the human body, exercise physiology, cutting edge programming, nutrition, adherence, and behavioral change research; we subscribe to numerous trade journals and attend world-class fitness conferences every year. What does all this mean to you? RESULTS! We don’t feel successful until you’ve achieved success. You are our number one priority! You can rest assured you'll be taken care of. When it comes to your health, don’t you want to work with the best?  

A home away from home:
When we created our world-class fitness and training studio in Portland, Oregon we paid close attention to detail. We have worked hard to create an environment that is motivating, uplifting, private and welcoming. Our facility is immaculate and beautiful – it doesn’t look or smell like your typical gym. We provide a home away from home – a place where literally everybody does know your name. If you enjoy the atmosphere where you work out, you’ll be more likely to get here – and we know from experience that consistency is the key to results. And once you're here - we take care of everything else!

James and Tammie Dubberly
Owners, Whole Body Fitness Studio