ppt_blog_main0012015 Fitness Plan

Welcome 2015! As the sun greeted me January 1st, I was struck by the lack of stress I had to hurry up and make a New Years Fitness goal. Why? Because in 2014 with the help of a few coaches, I worked on creating the life I wanted to live a balanced, healthy and happy life. Now, I am not saying that I have accomplished that- not by a long shot. There were weeks I did not get in all of my runs and mileage; there were others when I just felt overwhelmed with scheduling personal training clients and the rest of my life and could not get in my workout in, and there were days that I just felt like I needed to recover!
I finished my last month of December 2014 with a daily practice of gratitude- 31 days of gratitude! That was tough because although with my workouts and habits ingrained and set in stone- this was a new skill. There were moments I excelled and moments I did not hit the mark. Here is where the Balance comes in. Sometimes my personal training clients feel disappointed when they can’t meet there goals or miss a workout. Overall, as long as you are moving towards your goals, actively trying and showing up you are doing fabulous in my book!

Here are a couple things I will be working on this next year in 2015:

1. Have More Fun – I already have some, but I want to work on not taking life too seriously and laughing a little more! Don’t sweat the small stuff unless you are training with me at the studio-then I expect to see some sweat!

2. Don’t be a Stranger– The world is actually a small place- 6 degrees of separation does exist. Be nice to your neighbors (at the office and at home). When you put forth positive energy it comes back to you. Be nice to people, try not to judge and be kind!

3. Dance to your own beat – Stop comparing yourself to others. Take some time this year and get to know yourself. Love yourself in the here and now! Look to the past for lessons and explore new adventures tomorrow.

These are just a few of my resolutions and of course I want you to live a healthier life and embrace your own path to fitness!